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Player Profile: Sophie Friedl

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Name: Sophie Friedl

Code/Team: Camogie and Ladies Football

Occupation: Director of Congressional and Federal Affairs for Military and Veterans Health Policy at the American Psychological Association

Field position: Midfield (begrudgingly) in camogie and goalie in ladies football

How long have you played with the Gaels? I have played two years with the Gaels - 2020 would have been my third if a global pandemic had not messed with our plans. 2 time camogie player of the year.

When did you start playing hurling/camogie/football? I started playing hurling in 2013 at the University of Montana. Yes, hurling, I played with the boys. We won 2 national championships in my three years there. I then played camogie for Cuala in Dublin and started playing Ladies Football 2 years ago with the Gaels.

What’s your favorite thing about Gaelic games? I love the competitive nature of the sport - there aren’t a lot of sports you can play as an adult that still have a competitive edge. I also love how unique the game is - every time I am out pucking around someone will stop and ask what sport I am playing.

Best trainer on the squad: Becca is the best Football Trainer

Biggest joker: Bridget Connelly

Odd item in your GAA kit bag: Nothing too odd - just too much of everything - 12 rolls of tape, 3 cans of bug spray, 7 extra pairs of clean socks, etc. Usually on match days I will have 3 PB&Js in there too.

Ambition for the 2020 season: We had 5 or 6 new camogie players join us at our team meeting earlier this year - I was looking forward to integrating all the new talent into the team and traveling to new tournaments. As a football player, I was looking to get out of the net and play more out on the field

If you could choose one player to join your squad, who would it be? Lee Chin - something about purple

Sporting idol: Christine Lilly

Best sporting advice you’ve received: Visualization. The night before every game as a kid, my dad would help me visualize how I would play the next day - what moves I would make, the goals I would score. I still do it the night before games as an adult.

Why should someone join the Gaels: Anybody can learn to play these sports - there are aspects of every sport anyone has ever played in Gaelic games, so they already have some of the skills. And it is such a great community. You can go to any major city in America and find a community of Gaelic games players.

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