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Player Profile: Alex Durfee

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Name: Alex Durfee

Code/Team: Hurling

Occupation: Commercial Property Administrator

Field position: Midfield

How long have you played with the Gaels? 2 years.

When did you start playing hurling? I started to come out to DC Irish Sports League (DCISL) after attending the 2018 Finals in Philly (got a brother who plays for New Hampshire). That gave me a taste for both hurling and football, but I decided to commit to hurling because it simply thrills me more.

What’s your favorite thing about Gaelic games? Scoring system! Points & goals are both frequent and gratifying to watch and perform. It’s a refreshing balance for an American like me who has always found baseball and soccer to be lacking in these departments.

Best trainer on the squad: Seán Bailey-Whyte

Most skillful player: Ed

Biggest joker: Enda

Odd item in your GAA kit bag: Lenny & Larry’s Vegan Complete Cookie

Ambition for the 2020 season: *2021 Season* Personally: endurance and distance striking. Team: precision passes and field communication & making up for lost 2020 season, socially!

If you could choose one player to join your squad, who would it be? No county loyalty for me yet, so maybe one of the Two Johnnies? They were alright.

Sporting idol: Venus & Serena Williams. Sibling rivalry, staying at the top of their game for so many years, and using their platform to make a difference.

Best sporting advice you’ve received: Stay ready for anything. Athletic stance with weight forward.

Why should someone join the Gaels: Learn more about Ireland from the lads and ladies who grew up there. DC is a unique club to have so many Irish members. Club leadership is phenomenal at teaching both brand new and experienced players. Fun memories on and off the field - great community to be a part of.

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