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DC Gaels Oral History Archive

In order to better document its history, the club conducted interviews with its members to create a fuller picture of all the hours of hard work that have gone into making our club what it is. You can listen to some of their stories below. Got your own stories of the club's history to share? Get in touch.

Shane O'Brien

This interview was conducted on May 3, 2021. Shane discussed his first involvement with the Gaels in its first years as one of the first Americans, learning Gaelic football on the fly, competing in Philly, and recruiting Americans to join the team.

Shane O'Brien1989 - 2000s
00:00 / 34:43

Andrew Healy

This interview was conducted on March 31, 2021. Andrew discussed his early experience with football in Kerry; moving to the United States; the Irish community in Washington, DC; playing in Philadelphia; founding of the Washington, DC Gaels; founding of the different codes of the club; spreading of the GAA in the United States; and the value of the club community.

Andrew Healy1988 - 2010
00:00 / 1:42:40

Brian Egan

This interview was conducted on March 11, 2021. Brian discussed early memories of Gaels in 2006, experiencing the drive to get more Americans into the club, the sweet victory of the McCartan Cup, which he still has the trophy for, and how the club developed over the years.

Brian Egan2006 - 2011
00:00 / 22:01

Steve Cowan

This interview was conducted on February 25, 2021. Steve discussed joining the Gaels in 2006; the first games he played against Baltimore; success in 2007 with the footballers; beginning to coach and manage; bringing more modern training techniques to the club; and the importance of the social aspects of the club.

Steve Cowan2006 - 2016
00:00 / 19:19

Terence Kane

This interview was conducted on February 22, 2021. Terence discussed his early years with the club; 2008 and 2009 Nationals; his experiences at training; watching Baltimore become more competitive; how the club has become more organized over the years; managing the hurling team in 2013 and 2014; the 2009 McCarton Cup in Philadelphia; and the importance of the Gaels in his life.

Terence Kane2007 - Current
00:00 / 26:48
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