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Player Recruitment

New players are the lifeblood of any successful club, and the best advocates to spread the word about Gaelic games are the Washington D.C. Gaels community. Below are some materials you can download and print to help generate awareness.

18" x 24" poster

Select the icon above to download. These can be placed in your local bar, work canteen, gym or noticeboards.

Beginner’s guide to Gaelic Games

Need help describing Gaelic sports to someone? Follow this link for a breakdown.

5.5" x 8.5" poster

Select the icon above to download. These smaller posters can be placed in spaces that don't allow full size posters to be put up.

Player Profiles

Learn more about our members and what drew them to our club.

Business card

Select the icon above to download. Our business cards can be used to provide prospective players with all the information they need.

Have recruitment suggestions?

If you have suggestions on how we can better recruit new players to the club, please let us know via the form below.

Thanks for submitting your suggestion. We'll be in touch with you to discuss it shortly.

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