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Player Profile: Tim Crowley

Name: Tim Crowley

Code/Team: Men's football

Occupation: Greenkeeper

Field position: covering Danny Green.

How long have you played with the Gaels? Since 2017.

Why did you start playing football? Well, there’s no hurling in Kerry and they wouldn’t let me join the camogs.

What’s your favorite thing about Gaelic games? Watching shy people like Damian come out of their shells.

Best trainer on the squad: Conal Finn

Most skillful player: Terrence Kane

Worst Gaels performance: Rory Coffey v Delco Gaels. Sent off 40 seconds after coming on.

Longest in shower: Baz, has to be ready for a good selfie with the cup.

Sporting idol: Roy Keane

Best sporting advice you’ve received: “Keep the head”

Most likely to avoid paying for a round of drink: Mike McCusker

Favorite memory with the club: Stopping Baltimore’s push for 5 in a row!

Fastest player on the team: Shaun Saul is usually right behind me in the sprints.

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