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Player Profile: Glenn Cryan

Name: Glenn Cryan

Code/Team: Men’s football

Occupation: Accountant

Field position: Half back

How long have you played with the Gaels? 3 years

When did you start playing hurling/camogie/football? 8 years old

What’s your favorite thing about gaelic games? Diverseness of the GAA

Best trainer on the squad: Terrance Kane

Most skillful player: Dan Connolly

Biggest joker: TJ O’Leary (always claims he’ll be at training)

Odd item in your GAA kit bag: Empty gum shield container

Ambition for the 2020 season: To play a competitive game!

If you could choose one player to join your squad, who would it be? Barry Grogan

Sporting idol: Darragh O Se

Best sporting advice you’ve received: Hard work beats talent more often than not.

Why should someone join the Gaels: To meet new friends regardless of skill levels and most importantly to get the legs ran off you at training in summertime by Rory Coffey!

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