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The DC Gaels History Project

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

These past many months have been a difficult time for all of us in the GAA community. We eagerly await the day we can again gather together, either on the pitch or in the pub.

This year, members of the executive board of the Washington DC Gaels have decided to launch a special oral history project, meant to build on the work that was done during our 30th-anniversary celebration. In short, this project is meant to record the history of our club from its foundation, all the way through to the present day, through the stories and memories of those who lived it, and preserve that history for posterity. As a long-standing member of our club, we believe that you have an important role to play in this project and can do much to make it a success.

So here is our ask - at a time of your convenience we would like to sit down and record an interview with you in which we discuss your time with the club; your favorite stories, memories, and moments from matches past that stick in your mind. We will then save these recordings and use them to build a definitive history of our club, one that will fully celebrate the countless hours of effort on the part of so many people that has allowed our club to grow into what it is today. We would also be happy if you’d share any old team photos, newspaper clippings, or match reports you might have. You can upload them at the link. If you would like to participate, please sign up here.

If you have any questions, reach out to Dan Maher and Ian Hutchinson at and

You can see the first entries to the archive here.

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