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Gaels finish out Finals and the official 2021 season

On the final day of USGAA Finals in Canton, our men's footballers were togged out and ready to go early for their 8:30 final against Fionn MacCumhaills from Dallas. At the same time, however, Hurricane Henri was also togged out and ready to go, so the three teams occupied the pitch all together. Bar a few patches where it didn't rain, almost the entire match was played in dreadful conditions, with gusting winds and sheets of rain, making the ball and the turf slick. Despite the best efforts and excellent play from the DC side, Dallas ended up taking the win on the day.

After that, the club busied itself with the usual trappings of the final day—watching the seniors play and socializing with other clubs and friends in the beer tent. A group of the hurlers also mixed in with a few players from Twin Cities and Tacoma to play a shield scrimmage against St. Louis just for the craic.

All in all, despite not bringing home any silverware, the club had a great showing throughout, showing unwavering good sportsmanship, supporting one another, and representing the nation's capital with all the panache you would expect.

Although Nationals marked the end of the official 2021 season for the DC Gaels, the club will be organizing more activities in the late summer and fall, including social events and most likely a development league of some sort. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels and newsletter to get the latest updates on our plans for the fall! Up the Gaels!

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