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Club Update: USGAA Registration and Scheduling Notes

On behalf of the DC Gaels Executive Board we hope that you, your family, and friends are staying healthy in these difficult times. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by COVID-19 and our appreciation goes to the medical staff and front-line workers providing vital public services at this time.

As a club, we will continue to follow federal and local guidelines to protect the health and well-being of our members, players and their families. At this time we do not have a date to resume club activities; however, USGAA and the Mid-Atlantic division are confident that the season will go ahead when restrictions on social gatherings are lifted. In the meantime please stay in contact with your fellow team mates.

Given this, we have been directed to register all returning players from 2019 with the USGAA as originally scheduled. The current deadline to register with the USGAA is April 30th. If you have questions or concerns about this deadline or the registration, please reach out to the Chair or the Registrar. In addition, the executive board has decided to delay collecting any club membership dues until the situation becomes clearer; however, we do ask you to complete the following steps by April 30th:

  1. Complete the USGAA registration at this link.

  2. Enter your information and complete this year's waiver at this link.

Please contact our registrar if you’ve any questions about the registration process.

As we receive more information about the 2020 season, we will pass it along and keep all members informed. We thank everyone for their understanding at this time. Lastly, over the years we have had support and sponsorship from many local and club members’ businesses - some of these are being adversely impacted financially by the restrictions in place. We as a club hope to renew our efforts to support these businesses and help them bounce back when normal life (or close to it!) resumes.

Stay Safe,

Patrick McCabe


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