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A Frederick football fiesta

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The Gaels' men's and women's team took part in a whole day centered on the big ball this past Saturday in Frederick, MD. Hosts Michael Collins and Baltimore were also in attendance. Despite a few drops of rain at the end of the day, the weather for the day was excellent and the long grass didn't impede the action at all.

The day opened with a match between Michael Collins and Baltimore as DC's players warmed up on the sideline. The first Gaels to take the field were the men's team, who faced off against Michael Collins. Despite a fairly even opening, the lads in blue ultimately took control of the game with some very tidy passing and scoring, including one goal launched through the admittedly larger-than-regulation goalmouth. Michael Collins' midfield continued to put up a significant threat throughout the match, but ultimately fell short. As DC's footballers have only recently returned to regular training, the match was a solid opportunity to test the team's cohesion and physicality.

After that, DC's women's footballers took the field to play an intersquad scrimmage. Since neither other team fielded a women's squad that day, half the women wore their jerseys inside out and half wore them right side out. If not for the jerseys, you wouldn't know it wasn't a game against a local rival though, as neither side held back in the tackles or making runs. The game saw some excellent blocking to deny scoring opportunities and one defense-to-attack run of play that sent the ball go from end to end in about 20 seconds before being delivered through the uprights.

The last game of the day was between DC's men's team and Baltimore. Despite a valiant effort from the boys from Baile an Tí Mhóir, DC simply outclassed them on the day. Throughout the game, the Gaels buried 4 goals into the (imaginary) nets and put over a flurry of points to add to the finishing scoreline.


DC (men) vs. Michael Collins

2-13 to 2-04

DC (women, white) vs. DC (women, blue)

0-09 to 1-4

DC (men) vs. Baltimore

4-11 to 1-3


Many thanks to Michael Collins GAA for hosting, to Baltimore GAA for joining the fun, to Niall Dempsey and Matthew Troy for refereeing, and to Gary Dize for taking photos.

View photos of the matches here and here.

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