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Player Profile: Bridget Connelly

Name: Bridget Connelly

Code/Team: Ladies Football

Occupation: Data Analyst

Field position: Midfield

How long have you played with the Gaels? I’ve played with the Gaels since 2017, after I came back from a summer working in Connemara.

When did you start playing hurling/camogie/football? When I started with the Gaels! But I’d been watching them my whole life.

What’s your favorite thing about gaelic games? I love running around the pitch, learning new skills, and playing in new places. It’s a great community to be a part of. And of course, introducing people to the game and watching them go from confused to amazed (and back).

Best trainer on the squad: The fearless leader of our ladies football team: Becca!

Most skillful player: Too tough - everyone on and off the pitch!

Biggest joker: Kerry

Odd item in your GAA kit bag: Newspapers, to dry out my shoes after playing in the rain.

Ambition for the 2020 season: To play - keeping my fingers crossed :)

If you could choose one player to join your squad, who would it be? My sister, who is a rockstar at all sports. We kick around the ball all the time.

Sporting idol: Mia Hamm - grew up playing and watching soccer and wanting to be just like her.

Best sporting advice you’ve received: You gotta gotta gotta keep your head in the game (courtesy of Zac Efron and High School Musical).

Why should someone join the Gaels: It’s such a fun sport and group of people! So great to learn a new sport (if you don’t know it already), meet a whole bunch of people who also love gaelic games, and get outside onto the pitch.

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