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Player Profile: Brendan O'Leary

Name: Brendan O’Leary

Code/Team: Men’s hurling

Occupation: Strength and Conditioning Coach

Field position: Full Back

How long have you played with the Gaels? This would be year two.

When did you start playing hurling? Last year

What’s your favorite thing about Gaelic games? The speed and physicality of the sports.

Odd item in your GAA kit bag: Some form of self massage tool- car buffer, theragun, or foam roller.

Ambition for the 2020 season: Improving as a player and winning more trophies!

If you could choose one player to join your squad, who would it be? Patrick Horgan

Sporting idol: Ken Griffey Jr.

Best sporting advice you’ve received: “Stay hungry and humble.”

Why should someone join the Gaels: It is an organization full of amazing people who are very accepting no matter if it is your first day or you have been playing your entire life. It also allows you to be part of a team or league that is more competitive than normal intramural sports.

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